trotter travel

Days 1

On arrival at Crotone airport in Calabria, you will be met and transferred to your hotel. The remainder of the day is at leisure.

Crotone - 1° Overnight

Day 2 - Sila National Park

After breakfast at your hotel, departure for La Sila and entire day dedicated to the visit of the Gran Bosco d'Italia (Great Forest of Italy), environmental heritage since Roman times. La Sila is especially known for its famous National Park with its naturalistic museum and the botanical and geological garden. Once in the park, you can take a trekking with an WWF experienced guide that will lead you into the wood to capture the best panoramic views of the Sila National Park.

In the evening, drive south through La Sila until you reach the Le Castella area, along the Ionic coast, where you will stay overnight.

Le Castella area - 2° Overnight

Day 3 - Area Marina Protetta Capo Rizzuto

After breakfast at your hotel. Take a mini cruise on the Ionian sea. The Captain will lead you to explore the famous Marine Protected Area Capo Rizzuto and a background music will be yours soundtrack for a memorable cruise.

During the mini cruise, the passengers will have the opportunity to visit all the most beautiful coastlines around Capo Rizzuto, enjoying a drink served on board. Participants could also take advantage of the stops along the enchanting coves to have a quick dip into the crystal clear sea.

The excursion starts at 09,30 am from the marina of Le Castella. Passengers will be accompanied by a captain and two sailors that, on request, will provide all the indispensable equipment for snorkeling.

Before your lunch, don't miss to visit the enchanting Castello Aragonese on a small island connected with the coast by a thin strip of land.

Later in the evening, drive to Santa Severina, a small village rich in history and art on the slopes of the Sila Piccola. Visit the beautiful castel of the 11th century and its Cathedral (13th century) that still preserves the ancient and original portal. Return to hotel for dinner.

Le Castella area - 3° Overnight

Day 4 - Tropea - Capo Vaticano - Pizzo Calabro

This morning's drive will take you west to the other side of the Calabria region, the Tyrrhenian coast as far as the town of Tropea, famous bathing place. Here, we suggest to visit the old town center off Tropea and the sanctuary of Santa Maria dell'Isola located on a cliff overlooking the sea.

Nearby there is Capo Vaticano, another famous bathing place that offers a stunning natural scenery of incomparable beauty. The most suggestive bay near Capo Vaticano is Grotticelle, which divided into beaches.

After lunch. Your travel takes you to Pizzo Calabro, a small seaport situated on a steep cliff overlooking the Gulf of Santa Eufemia. Pizzo Calabro is also famous for its Aragonese castle, built in the 1486, in which Joachim Murat, ex-king of Naples, was shot on October 13, 1815. Don't miss a visit to the church of Piedigrotta, completely dug out of tufa rock. Here, you have the possibility to taste the typical ice-cream (the truffle). Return to hotel. Dinner and overnight.

Tropea - 4° Overnight

Day 5 - Stile - Gerace

Today, your journey will take you back one more time to the east coast of Calabria as far as the Ionian sea. Before arrive on the coastline, we suggest a visit to Stilo, a small byzantine bulwark town, it's history is charming and has its roots in the remote past, when there were Greek colonies in southern Italy. It preserves an important byzantine church, La Cattolica, built in the 9th century. Now it is a national monument.

In the evening, you continue south along the coastline to Locri, turn inland to reach Gerace (10 kilometers), a small town that stands on a hill formed of conglomerates of sea fossils from 60 millions years ago. Visit the old "Borgo" where in the past were located the pottery master’s shops, inside natural cavities in the rocks and the sumptuous Romanesque-Norman Cathedral of the Assumption.

Gerace area - 5° Overnight

Day 6 - Bova - Pentedattilo - Amendolea - Reggio Calabria

After breakfast at your hotel. Travel south along the Ionian coastline to Bova, one of the most beautiful "borghi" (villages) in Italy. Bova is one of the most important village within the Griko-speaking area around the Aspromonte. It has been a colony of the Magna Graecia besieged by Saracens, Arabs and Normans of which remains only the Castle. Bova has also been a old bishop's seat, that followed the Greek Rite before of Roman Rite. Into the village you can see a great number of churches with stone portals and the street names are written in Greek and Italian.

After lunch, continue along the coast to Pentedattilo, founded as a colony of the Greek city of Chalcis, in 640 BC. It's situated on the Monte Calvario, a mountain whose shapes once resembled that of five fingers (whence the name, from the Greek penta + daktylos , meaning "five fingers"). Now Pentedattilo is a ghost town not far from Reggio Calabria.

Leaving Pentedattilo behind, drive to Reggio Calabria. We suggest a stop at Ruffo di Amendolea Castle, a medieval fortress situated in the homonymous village into the heart of what is known as the Hellenistic area of the Province of Reggio Calabria.

In the evening, you will reach Reggio Calabria, the rest of the day is at your leisure to enjoy the stores, restaurants and other attractions of downtown Reggio Calabria. Dinner and overnight.

Reggio Calabria - 6° Overnight

Day 7 - Reggio Calabria - Scilla

After breakfast at your hotel, more free time this morning to enjoy Reggio Calabria with its splendid Lungomare (seafront promenade), called "the most beautiful kilometer in Italy" by poet G. D'Annunzio and the famous Riace Bronzes (Bronzi di Riace), two famous full-size Greek bronzes of naked bearded warriors, cast about 460–450 BC and found in the sea near Riace in 1972 kept at the Museo Nazionale della Magna Grecia, renovated recently.

After lunch, drive north along the coastline to Scilla, famous bathing place, whose thousand-year old Ruffo Castle belonged to the Dukes of Calabria overlooks the beach. Beautiful is the district of Chianalea, a old fisherman’s village built entirely on the sea, with small houses clustered upon the rocks and lapped by the sea that reaches to the doors. If you walk through the charming little alleyways, you can easily meet the fishermen outside their homes making fishing nets, repairing their boats or preparing to leave to face another day at sea.

Reggio Calabria - 7° Overnight

Day 8 - End of your Tour