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black forest self drive tour

Days 1

Welcome to the Land of Baden-Württemberg in Germany!

Arrive at the heart of the southern Black Forest and transfer to your hotel which will be the same for the whole period of the tour.

Pick up your Globe Trotter Travel vouchers and Roadbook at the front desk as you check in. Remainder of the day is at leisure.

Freiburg - 1° Overnight

Day 2

After breakfast in your hotel, entire day to discover Freiburg the most important city in the region and entry point to the scenic beauty of the Black Forest.

Explore Freiburg and its suggestive old town center, dominated by the Gothic cathedral, the Münster, monument that attracts the most visitors for its magnificence and beauty. The church has a 116-meter tower with 16 bells. It is the only Gothic church tower in Germany that was completed in the Middle Ages (1330).

In front of the cathedral, at the Freiburg's largest square, the Münsterplatz, there is a famous farmer market which is held here every day except Sundays. This is also the site of The Historisches Kaufhaus, or Historical Merchants Hall, built between 1520 and 1530, it's a Late Gothic building with its façade decorated with statues and the coat of arms of four Habsburg emperors. It was once the center of the financial life of the region.

The visit of Freiburg continues with The Altes Rathaus, or old city hall, was completed in 1559 and has a painted façade. From the tower of the new central wing is heard every day at 12 a carillon. Regarding the ancient city walls and its city gates, the only ones that have been preserved since medieval times are The Schwabentor (Swabian Gate), also called Obertor in the Middle Ages and the Martinstor (Martin's Gate).

This, however, is also the land of wines, so in the early afternoon, through the vineyard terraces you can reach Briesach. The climb to the St. Stephen's Cathedral will allow you to admire the stunning beauty of the Rhine valley. Then, before your return to Freiburg's hotel, you go back up along the river course for a stretch of road for a local wine-tasting in a cellar.

Freiburg - 2° Overnight

Day 3

Today after your breakfast in hotel, continue to explore the magnificent sceneries of the Black Forest.

After driving along the highway number "500", you will reach the small town of Furtwangen where it's here the Deutsches Uhrenmuseum (German Clock and Watch Museum) that collects over 4000 historical and modern clocks and watches of every age and size (not only cuckoo clocks). The largest cuckoo clock in the world is located in nearby Schonach, up north of Furtwangen and it's the result of three years of work of its craftsman who is also the owner.

After lunch, in the afternoon visit to Triberg, even further north. An easy walk of about half and hour through the forest leads us to discover the spectacular waterfall, one of the highest in Germany with a descent of 163 metres.

The remainder of the day is at your leisure to create your own tour around the Black Forest area. Later return to your hotel at Freiburg.

Freiburg - 3° Overnight

Day 4

Today, scenic drive north to the edge of Black Forest. First stop is the small village of Gutach and its Vogtsbauernhof open-air museum. The museum's name derives from the unique Black Forest farm that is still located in the place of origin, where it was built in 1612. It was the first building to be part of the open-air museum in 1964. His style of construction is that typical of the houses in the Gutach valley. Here, the visitors obtain a fascinating insight into rural life and housing and the rural culture and technology of the Black Forest.

Second stop north of Gutach is Schiltach, one of the villages-postcard of the Black Forest, surrounded by the green hills. Its streets teem with half-timbered houses, the Fachwerkhäuser which give it a romantic image and a old-fashioned charm.

Don't miss finally the opportunity to see, usually during the local festivals, the people of all ages with the original folklore customs of the area. Particularly beautiful are the traditional hats for women, called "Bollenhüte" (hats with balls) with balls of colored wool. Unmarried girls wear the hat with the red balls, married women instead have the hat with the black balls.

The end of the day tour is Freudenstadt, a spa town on the eastern edge of the Black Forest. The city centre of Freudenstadt is famous as the largest market place in Germany with its 220 metres on each side.

In the late evening return to your hotel in Freiburg. Dinner and overnight.

Freiburg - 4° Overnight

Day 5

The last one full day, you can dedicate to relax along the shores of the Titisee (The Pearl of Black Forest) and Schluchsee lakes, where you can admire maybe the most stunning views of the high part of Black Forest region.

The Titisee lake owes its creation to the union of the waters of the glacier Feldberg. It covers an area of 1.07 km² and has an average depth of 20 m and it's one of the most beautiful lakes in the Black Forest.

You can walk alongside on foot or by bike, discovering the impenetrable thick forest that surrounding the lake and characterized by tall trees, or take a boat trip, strictly equipped with electric motor for the environment.

The lake gives its name to the spa town (Titisee-Neustadt) located on the north shore. A small town full of restaurants where you can taste the local specialities like the smoked ham and cake with cherries (Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte), the most famous cake of the Black Forest region, hotels and souvenir shops where the cuckoo clocks inevitably abound.

Freiburg - 5° Overnight

Day 6 - End of your Tour