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Each of Italy's 20 regions has something unique and wonderful to offer. Italy's diverse regional cuisine, culture and traditions make it one of the all time favorite repeat destinations. Rome, Florence and Venice are the most popular cities to include in a first time visit to Italy. Our repeat visitors then choose to spend more time in specific regions like Tuscany, Umbria, Amalfi coast, Piedmont and Sicily just to mention a few.

Use our Italy interactive map to plan you next Italy Vacation. Click on a region for information and to see our tours that include or are based in that part of the country. We offer tours that give an overview of several regions and others that are more in depth concentrating on one region only. If we do not have a tour featuring the region you are interested in please e-mail us and one of our tour designers will be happy to help you plan a program for you.

Visit Aosta Valley Visit Piedmont Visit Lombardy Visit Trentino Alto Adige Visit Friuli Venezia Giulia Visit Veneto Visit Liguria Visit Emilia-Romagna Visit Tuscany Visit Marche Visit Umbria Visit Latium Visit Abruzzo Visit Molise Visit Apulia Visit Campania Visit Basilicata Visit Calabria Visit Siciliy Visit Sardinia